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Press Release

For more information please contact Director of Library Services Steve Jacks at 865-376-9905

Kingston Public Library Announces
Policy Change in Internet Access

The Kingston Public Library Board has approved a change in its policy on Internet Access. Effective October 15 patrons will no longer be able to access MySpace, FaceBook, and related sites.  The decision to delete these sites from public access is due to parental concerns that their children were being exposed to material unsuitable for their age. The Library has a policy in effect prohibiting access to any site that may contain pornography.

    “We want our patrons to be able to access information, “ said Director of Library Services Steve Jacks, “ but we are also obligated to protect our patrons from sites that may not be appropriate for everyone. Deleting MySpace and like sites was not an easy decision, but it is the right decision for our library.”

    The Library Board will review the change in policy at its November meeting.

    For more information about this change, contact the Director at 865-376-99o5 or at