Kingston REU Office Closing

Last night, the Board approved making significant improvements to our Kingston Office.  I think the customers will be pleased with the new look of the customer service area when we are finished.  The lobby will be a little smaller but it isn’t used much anyway so no real problem.  The work can be performed much safer and efficiently if we close the office during construction.  This is partly necessary due to the work on both the plumbing and HVAC systems.  It simply isn’t practical to be without a water supply and/or the HVAC equipment in a building for even short periods of time.  Furthermore, there is virtually no way to keep the workers and the public safe while vehicle traffic is flowing in and around the building and while construction material is being delivered, stored, and used.  There will be waste containers, tools, and other equipment that will be taking up space in and around the building.

Construction is expected to start on July 10th.  The employees in the Kingston Office will report to the Rockwood Office during the renovations.  The duration of the closing is expected to be from July 10th through October 16th.  Mike Miller is working on advertising for the closing including running advertisements in the Roane County News, postings on Facebook and on our website, etc.  Bills for City of Kingston and surrounding areas will have information on them beginning today and continuing through the end of the month.  Anything you can do at the City level to help communicate this to the Kingston community would be helpful and appreciated.

Once again, please stress the importance of doing this work SAFELY to our customers in Kingston if they should ask you.  We request they be patient with us while we perform these improvements.  We are excited to add this project as part of our building improvements and hope to be back up and running with an improved look as quickly as possible.

Kendall Bear, P.E.
General Manager
Rockwood Electric Utility
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Rockwood, TN 37854
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